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Fushi is a London-based wellbeing company, focusing on crafting the Ayurvedic family recipes and essential oil mixes that were passed down to health-conscious founders, Rannesh Jansari & Ria Pattni. Their ethos as a health and beauty brand stands for much of what we at Amaranth value ourselves: humility, earth friendliness and of course, pure ingredients derived from natural sources. Their free from approach has been a winner amongst many, as their ethically sourced products infuse their sustainable practices with responsibly-minded know how from generations of family history surrounding natural, herbal oils and remedies.

As one of the best essential oil brands we've found, Fushi's dedication towards their fragrant essential oil mixes shows their adoration for the craft. Fushi bestsellers include their handmade essential oil blends, formulated with only the most honest of ingredients and blended by hand in London. They're all about remaining naturally potent and fresh: it's in their namesake, as 'Fushi' means 'Eternal Life'. Shop Fushi, one of the best essential oil brands yet.

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