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Zao Makeup

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Zoa leads the way in sustainable packaging, whilst having a wide selection of products in very wearable shades.  Their foundations and BB creams create a flawless finish with 100% natural ingredients whilst lip and eye colours can be mixed and matched to create your look.

Zao is the only extensive makeup range we are aware of  that offers refill products. At the heart of Zao is bamboo.  Bamboo is used for their outer cases and in the makeup formulas themselves due to the high silica content.  This supports the formation of collagen, giving the makeup range skincare benefits.  Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and low carbon packaging options available due to its rapid growth rate.

The brand originates from Italy and France and is only found in limited retailers in the UK. You can find Zao on display in our store in Bramhall, Greater Manchester

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