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Holistic Body Treatments


Meet your Therapist: Our Reflexologists are Jane Dagnanleach & Emma Williams

During a treatment the reflex zones of the feet are manipulated in order to restore the balance and health to the body. Reflexology works with the meridian lines that acupuncture uses. Each part of the foot corresponds to a part of the body. Massaging the foot therefore can stimulate the body's own healing system. I am always amazed when the therapist from massaging my feet can pin point physical and emotional ailments I hadn't disclosed, very clever and effective.
We also offer Maternity Reflexology and Reiki/Reflexology Massage/Reflexology Combination Treatment.

  • 45 minutes £40.00
  • 60 minutes  £50.00
  • 90 minutes £70.00

*Initial appointment has to be 45 minutes or over.


Meet your Therapist: Our Reiki Masters are Claire Bossons and Emma Williams 

Reiki is a system of natural healing developed by the Japanese doctor Mikao Usui (d. 1926). He spent many years studying, researching and meditating the system and then spent the rest of his life practising. The philosophy behind Reiki is the concept of an unseen life force energy which flows through us. When this energy is high we will feel happy and healthy. However when it is low, then we may lack energy and/or feel unwell. The Reiki treatment is deeply relaxing and can support healing on all levels. Reiki is an ancient healing system that channels energy to promote total wellbeing. The therapists performing this will always be Reiki Masters so they have a lot of experience and will support you well. Some people feel heat, energy moving, see colours... it's different or everyone. "A Reiki treatment will lift you up, especially when you’re at your wit’s end. With openness and guidance if the mental state changes you can deal with things from a different perspective. As you become more balanced, opportunities become more obvious.” Beryl Vale, Reiki Master

We also offer Reiki/Reflexology Combination Treatment.

  • 30 minutes £35.00*
  • 60 minutes £50.00
*Initial appointment for Reiki has to be 60 minutes or over.


Bowen Technique

Meet your Therapist: Our Bowen Technique Therapist is Sue Bowden

The Bowen Technique is a wonderful holistic remedial therapy, particularly suited to any aches or pains or bodies in need of balance.  Gentle rolling movements on very specific points allow the body to restore it's own balance and heal itself. Wonderful for any injuries/pain, the sooner they can be treated the quicker the body responds. It can also help balance hormones and restore emotional balance. There is often homework with treatment. It works really well with homeopathy too.

  • 60 minutes  £55.00

Hopi Ear Candling

Meet your Therapist: Our Hopi Ear Candle Therapist is Emma Williams 

Hopi Ear Candling may be helpful for people suffering with sinus problems and colds as well as a build up of ear wax as it treats the whole ear eye nose canal.  Following the ear candling in both ears, this treatment includes a relaxing shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage.
"It's very relaxing treatment I've sometimes fallen asleep during it!" 
Please note if you are seeking treatment for a build up of ear wax it is advisable to soften the wax prior to treatment.  This can be done by applying a couple of drops of olive oil or Ortosan ear wax softener into the ear each day for five days prior to the treatment. 

  • 60 minutes £55.00

Please note: For your first appointment for some of our treatments, there is a minimum of 45 minutes  required to allow for a full consultation. 

To book please contact us on 0161 439 9856 or email us Instagram:@Amaranth_UK

Please understand that our therapists are not doctors and do not engage in medical diagnosis.  Always consult your GP if you have a particular illness.   

Cancellation Policy:  Please remember to give us 24 hours notice for a cancellation.  Unfortunately we have had to apply a 50% charge to appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Body balancing treatments to restore and maintain health and wellbeing including Reflexology, Reiki and The Bowen Technique. Get the most out of life...