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Therapist: Jackie Kilcourse

About Jackie

''My name is Jackie Kilcourse and I am married with four chidren.  I started practicing Iyengar Yoga when I was thrity, and I have been teaching Iyengar Yoga for over five years.  To become an Iyengar Yoga teacher I had to be a student for 5 years attending a class twice a week and then complete a two year teacher training course.  I have recently qualified the Junior Intermediate Leve 2 exam, which enables me to teach more challenging poses.  I attend regular classes myself and I am continually striving to improve my understanding of Yoga.''

Iyengar Yoga works on mind, body and spirit.  The work of Iyengar Yoga is to bring about alignment to the body which helps to alleviate pains and also prevent injuries and medical problems.  Pains such as back, neck or knee pain.  A large array of medical problems can be relieved or prevented, such as IBS, Gynaecological problems, arthritis, stress to name a few. 

By regularly practicing Iyengar Yoga just once a week, you will begin to feel healthier, have more energy and generally feel better mentally and physically.

Come along and give it a try!

Treatments Offered:

Iyengar Yoga: 1 to 1 (available thursdays) 60 mins £42, For 2 people 60 mins £54


General health and wellbeing
Body Alignment

Jackie's Clients Say:

"Jackie has a very comforting and encouraging approach to yoga, anyone would feel safe and supported wether beginner or advanced. She pushes you to improve but at the same time there is no pressure you are allowed the space to surrender into the pose. I am now inspired to bring yoga into my life everyday, she oozes serenity, clarity and "yoganess" Thank you jackie for supporting me on a beautiful new chapter. You're amazing!" Jo