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Therapist: Jayne Bainbridge

About Jayne

"Following treatment for prostate cancer, my father was referred to Beechwood, a local cancer day centre in Stockport.  He was offered a course of Reiki treatments and that is where my Holistic therapy journey began. The whole experience of discovering the benefits of Reiki & the fantastic work that the nurses and volunteer therapists do at Beechwood inspired me to train to become a Complementary Therapist. Following training, developing my skills and seeing the profound benefits and life-changing aspects of Complementary therapies, I decided to leave the industry I had been working in for 15 years in order to live a more rewarding life-style in an industry true to my heart.I offer Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and am a Reiki Master/Teacher. Each therapy session is completely unique and tailor-made to the clients needs. I can use a variety of techniques and combine a number of different therapies into the session in order to give a truly Holistic experience.From my clients' feedback and my own experience, I believe that everyone can find some benefit to health and well-being from Complementary therapies. They also work well to complement orthodox medicines and treatments."

Treatments Offered & Prices:

Prescription Massage

60 minutes £47.00
90 minutes £67.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

45 minutes (Initial) £37.00
30 minutes (Follow Up) £30.00

Hot Stone Massage 

60 minutes £47.00
90 minutes £67.00

Indian Head Massage 

60 minutes £47.00

Swedish Massage

60 minutes £47.00

Neom Body Treatments 

60 minutes £60.00/65.00
90 minutes £80.00

Pregnancy Massage 

60 minutes £47.00
90 minutes  £67.00


60 minutes (Initial) £47.00
30/60 minutes (follow up) £30.00/£47.00

Maternity Reflexology 

60 minutes £47.00 

Reiki Master 

30 minutes £30.00
60 minutes (Initial) £47.00


I specialise in maternity reflexology and massage. I have worked on drugs rehabilitation programs, in mental health settings and in cancer care offering complementary therapies as emotional and psychological support to patients and carers.

Jayne's Clients Say:

"Thankyou so much for the wonderful reflexology.  Before I came I had never had reflexology but you put my mind at rest, and helpfully explained all about it.  It really was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had and being 9 months pregnant at the time, just what I needed - it must have been as I went into labour the next day!  On subsequent visits it has been equally relaxing and I feel like I float out of the shop.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to friends and family.  Thanks and best wishes."  A.S.  

"I booked a course of treatments with Jayne to help with stress and insomnia following a bereavement. Jayne suggested a combination of Reiki and Reflexology.  I felt the benefit from the first treatment, it was so relaxing and calming. An unexpected side effect after the second session was that I stopped smoking. For some reason, after all these years I just didn't feel the urge to smoke.....I haven't looked back since!"  RE, Stockport

"I came for a massage with Jayne on Saturday who makes me feel so pampered and nurtured, it's wonderful. On Sunday I rested and travelling to work on Monday lots of ideas came into my head. I was thinking so creatively I had to get out my notebook and filled 5 pages with ideas! When I told others they said they were great ideas and will take them up"

"An Indian head massage may not be right for everyone but it is certainly right for me.  Selected oils chosen at each appointment reflect my mood for that day completely. The benefit I gain in relaxation, the easing of stress & just the feel-good factor is huge.  Jayne, you are a little luxury that I can't do without!"   Chrissie