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Therapist: Sally Triner

About Sally

Sally specialises in creating bespoke treatments for you based on your specific concerns.  Drawing on her experience and expertise Sally can incorporate elements from a wide range of massage disciplines such as Swedish Massage, combined with Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage to create a deeply therapeutic and relaxing stress busting hour for you - or maybe you would benefit from a rejuvenating and balancing Japanese Facial Massage combined with some soothing leg and foot massage.

Treatments Offered & Prices:

Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes £47.00
90 minutes £67.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

45 minutes (Initial)£37.00
30 minutes (Follow Up) £30.00

Full Body Massage

60 minutes £47.00
90 minutes £67.00

Deep Tissue Massage 

60 minutes £47.00

Indian Head Massage 

60 minutes £47.00

Tibetan Accupressure Facial Massage

45 minutes 

Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage

45 minutes £37.00

Hopi Ear Candling

45 minutes (Candles Only) £37.00
60 minutes (Ear Candles with sinus, face and scalp massage) £47.00


Sally's key specialisms are the Tibetan Accupresure and the Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massages, that can leave you feeling uplifted and feeling refreshed.

Sally's Customer Feedback:

'Sally was wonderful. Friendly, skilled and really interested in delivering the right treatment for my needs. I can highly recommend the Japanese facial massage - my skin felt plumped and had a glow, even after the first treatment. No longer a luxury - this is going to be a must for me on a regular basis!'

'I thoroughly enjoyed my bespoke 'stress buster' massage. Sally concentrated on both de toxing and soothing deep tissue techniques which helped alleviate my aching and run down body. It was great to have some me time. Thank you Sally!'

'Absolutely loved my Tsuboki Facial Massage. It was so relaxing. Would highly recommend.'