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Marine Collagen

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15 Sachets
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Planet Paleo’s Marine Collagen is 100% sourced from wild, sustainably caught fish off the coast of France. The fishermen are committee to responsible and sustainable fishing practices & they source fish solely from their natural habitat and never from farms.

Nutritional Information

Per 7.5g Serving: Alanine 8.3%, Arginine 8.9%, Aspartic Acid 5.1%, Cysteine 0.03%, Glutamic Acid 11.6%, Glycine 20.9%, Histidine 1.3%, Hydroxylysine 1.5%, Hydroxyproline 10.5%, Isoleucine 1.5%, Leucine 2.6%, Lysine 3.5%, Methionine 0.8%, Phenylalanine 2.3%, Proline 12.6%, Serine 3.5%, Threonine 2.7%, Tyrosine 0.4%, Valine 2.0%.


Wild-caught Marine collagen (Type 1)

How to Use

Take 1/1.5 servings once or twice a day with or between meals. Mix with at least 200ml of water or juice. Can be used in warm drinks such as coffee or tea.