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Pure Gelatine

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Planet Paleo Pure Gelatine powder is sourced from pasture-raised cows and is an excellent source of natural collagen and protein. For thousands of years gelatine rich foods have been a key part of the diet in traditional cultures all over the world. Gelatine can be used to make jelly desserts, home-made gummy sweets, protein shakes or to thicken soups and stews. One tablespoon (10g) of the Planet Paleo gelatine powder provides 9.1g of protein.

Nutritional Information

Per 10g Serving: Alanine 7.9%, Arginine 7.6%, Aspartic Acid 5.8%, Glutamic Acid 11.3%, Glycine 21.7%, Hydroxylysine 1.1%, Hydroxyproline 12.1%, Isoleucine 1.8%, Leucine 3%, Lysine 3.6%, Methionine 0.8%, Phenylalanine 1.8%, Proline 12.2%, Serine 3.3%, Threonine 1.8%, Tyrosine 0.8%, Valine 2.5%.


Pasture raised Gelatine (Bovine)

How to Use

For jelly: add 1tbsp (approx. 10g) of gelatine to 600ml of hot fruit juice until it dissolves. Empty into a glass tray & leave to cool before refrigerating until it sets. For general use, add 1tsp to stews, sauces or soups to thicken.