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Supreme Matcha Organic Green Tea

Product Size:
20 Sachets
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The flavours found within Chinese herbal tea traditions have become exponentially more popular in the West in recent years, as we all seem to be seeking some sort of health kick. Matcha Green Tea is one of those sought after products we have grown to know and love - something that was previously only tasted while travelling or experiencing chinese herbal tea ceremonies for ourselves.

As the popularity of Matcha Green tea has blossomed, so has the word about its purported health benefits! This box of 20 green tea sachets by Pukka Herbs includes a carefully blended fair trade mixture of 3 types of organic green tea leaf: Vietnamese Suoi Gang, Indian Oothu and Chinese Sencha - for a blend you can't resist. With recyclable pouches for each tea bag, Pukka's packaging is even sustainable while keeping the rich flavour secured inside each bag.



Sencha Green Whole Leaf Tea (China Da Zhang Shan) (34%), Oothu Green Whole Leaf Tea (India Western Ghats) (32%), Suoi Gang Green Whole Leaf Tea (Vietnam Yen Bai) (32%), Matcha Powder (Jejo do Garucha) (2%).

How to Use

Pour boiling water directly on the bag, leave to steep for the perfect brew.