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Wild Nutrition

Bespoke Woman Botanical Menopause Vitamins

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60 capsules
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Wild Nutrition are a female-owned company who are fast becoming leaders in women's health. You only have to take a glance at their range of supplements to notice many are designed with women in mind. 

The Botanical Menopause Complex is the number one best selling supplement at Amaranth.  It includes a range of herbal extracts that are understood to help reduce menopause symptoms.  This formula contains herbs to support the hormone pathways, alongside natural anti-inflammatory agents and phyto-oestrogens.  Our clients report that it helps with all phases of the peri menopause and menopause transition.

Nutritional Information

2 capsules provide: Magnesium 40mg,Dong Quai extract 200mg,Organic Ashwagandha powder 200mg,Alfalfa powder 50mg,Organic Turmeric powder 50mg,Organic Milk Thistle powder (providing 80% Silymarin) 100mg,Green Tea powder 50mg


Lactobacillus bulgaricus providing Magnesium, Dong Quai extract, Organic Ashwagandha powder, Alfalfa powder, Organic Turmeric powder, Organic Milk Thistle powder and Green Tea powder, Heat treated brown rice powder, Vegetable Cellulose (capsule shell).

How to Use

2 capsules taken together any time of day. The dose may be increased to 3 or 4 capsules in the shorter term, if symptoms are more intensified. Can be taken with or without food. Wild Nutrition nutrients are made from food, so you don’t need to take them with a meal. If you are already taking prescribed hormones such as HRT or bio-identical (or any type of hormone) the contraceptive pill (or patch/injection) or about to proceed with any hormone assisted procedure, please consult with a nutritional therapist to discuss suitability of this product.