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Wild Nutrition

Food-Grown Vitamin C & Bioflavanoids

Product Size:
60 Capsules
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Vitamin C is a must have for the body, particularly when we're feeling a bit sluggish or stressed. Our exposure to stress can cause our Vitamin C levels to drop, making us less resilient and more prone to bugs, infection and fatigue and so this is an especially supportive vitamin for when life is more demanding. While it comes naturally in the form of fresh veg and fruits, our vitamin C intake has been inadequate on the whole - making supplements like Vitamin C bioflavonoids a necessity.

What does the Bioflavonoid bit mean? Bioflavonoids are just the name for the colours that give bright fruit and veg their intense rainbow shades. They're often known as vitamin P - but more often we know they're antioxidants, anti inflammatory and can also help the body adequately react to unknown invaders like allergens and viruses. Bioflavanoids with Vitamin C mean you're just getting an immune booster with an added side of energy and stress relief - a win win in our book.


Nutritional Information

2 capsules provide: Vitamin C 350mg,Bioflavonoids 160mg


Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids incorporated in citrus pulp, Heat treated brown rice powder, Vegetable Cellulose (capsule shell).

How to Use

2 capsules taken together any time of day with or without food. Wild Nutrition nutrients are made from food, so you don’t need to take them with a meal.