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Day 4 : FREE INIKA Vegan Makeup Brush with 2 INIKA products

Day 4 : FREE INIKA Vegan Makeup Brush with 2 INIKA products

Day 4 of our 5 Days of Beauty Offers :

FREE INIKA vegan makeup brush with any two purchases of INIKA make up

You know by now that I love INIKA makeup. It is our best selling make up brand and for good reason. The full INIKA range is certified vegan, cruelty free, Halal, gluten free and 100% natural yet it performs just as well as the leading cosmetic/synthetic brands.  The products are rich in natural pigments, and they can be used to create a natural look, as well as more dramatic full makeup looks.

We currently have a sale of our INIKA range at 35% off as we are waiting for a rebrand with the products coming in sugar cane sustainable packaging.  Along with this price reduction, you will receive a free INIKA make up brush when you buy two products.  These vegan make up brushes are super soft and perfect for make up application.  We have foundation, kabuki and shadow brushes available as a gift.  We will contact you on placing your order so you can choose the one you would like (or you can choose in-store).

If you are near Manchester, don't forget that we offer full INIKA make overs.  Contact us 0161 518 1334 to make a booking :)

Shop the INIKA Collection 



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Day 3 : Viridian Omega 3:6:9 Oil Half Price when you Buy Viridian Clear Skin Complex

Day 3 :  Viridian Omega 3:6:9 Oil Half Price when you Buy Viridian Clear Skin Complex

Special Offer:
Viridian Omega 3:6:9 oil half price when you buy the Clear Skin Complex.

To shop this offer :

1. Add both  Viridian 3:6:9 oil and Viridian Clear Skin Complex to you cart
2. Use code CLEARSKIN50 at checkout  

Today we are talking about skin from within. As much as I love my natural beauty products, as a nutritional therapist, I know that what is happening inside the body has as much, if not more, of an influence on the skin and external beauty. I spend a lot of time working on health reviews for people struggling with skin conditions – eczema, acne and sensitivities. I love working with my friend Hanna @mygoodnessrecipes who has had dramatic results in clearing her skin conditions through diet and now shares her story and has helped thousands of people.
In my work I have found a few key triggers to skin conditions (I will write a full blog on this very soon, watch this space). These are the immune system, stress, hormone changes, food sensitives and chemical sensitivities. I work with people one to one to help identify their triggers and we offer skin prick food intolerance testing through the clinic. There are also a few key nutrients and supplements to consider alongside a diet plan :

1. Probiotics. These always feature in a clear skin plan due to their role in immune balance and the bacteria in the gut and on the skin. There is a huge connection between gut health, skin health and hormone health.

2. Zinc. Zinc is the mineral for skin healing and the immune system. You can find it in meat, fish and seeds or supplement in a citrate or picolinate form

3. Essential fats. Omega 3 fats help to balance the inflammatory response (think redness and irritation. Your skin cells also consist of a fatty acid membrane, so these good fats are so essential for healthy skin.

I can, and will, go on about these and others so much more so please keep checking in. You can also book a health review with myself or one of the team so we can give personal recommendations (link in bio)
For now, if you do want to get started, I highly recommend Viridian Clear Skin Complex along with their omega oil and Hanna Sillitoe probiotic (available @mygoodnessrecipes )

Now the Offer : Buy Viridian Clear Skin complex and receive Viridian Omega 3,6,9 oil half price. Available online via link in bio or mention this post in store.


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Day 2 : FREE SKN-RG C3 Ceramide or Cellular Repair Moisturiser 15ml (worth up to £25) when you buy the Zen Glycolytic Peel

Day 2 : FREE SKN-RG C3 Ceramide or Cellular Repair Moisturiser 15ml (worth up to £25) when you buy the Zen Glycolytic Peel
Day 2 of our 5 Days of Beauty Offers :​​​​​​​​

If you think that natural skincare can’t be advanced or scientific then you haven’t discovered SKN-RG. We love this brand at Amaranth, they are truly unique with the most amazing and inspirational founders Debs and Rob Scott. ​​​​​​​​
SKN-RG are a multi award winning, British natural beauty brand. The products contain more actives than any natural beauty brand I have come across. The ingredients are unique (you don’t find platinum and plankton in many products, but they are in SKN-RG) and the results absolutely hold up to the claims. The brand is a unique combination of science, nature, the elements, energy and frequency. ​​​​​​​​
Every element of the packaging can be recycled, and the products are free from eco irritants so that they can safely enter back into water and nature.​​​​​​​​
One of the latest launches is the Zen Glycolic Peel. A natural 11% glycolic peel that it is even suitable for sensitive skin. The glycolic solution targets acne prone skin, reduces pore sizes and reduces signs of aging and scars. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and zen actives to brighten, destress and pump out the skin. ​​​​​​​​
I use this peel twice a week, it needs just 3 mins to work it’s magic. As well as being awarded the Beauty Shortlist award (this is a huge deal), there is some impressive research:​​​​​​​​
- 99% said that from the first application the skin appeared firmer, brighter with a significant reduction in fine lines​​​​​​​​
- 98% said that spots and redness looked less prominent.​​​​​​​​
- 95% noticed an improvement for 5-7 days after application​​​​​​​​
Our lovely Claire is a SKN-RG therapist and product expert so fire your questions over, we are happy to help! Shop SKN-RG here. Continue reading

Day 1 : Free Dr Hauschka Cleaning Milk or Facial Toner (30ml) when you spend £30

Day 1 :  Free Dr Hauschka Cleaning Milk or Facial Toner (30ml) when you spend £30
We are celebrating our win as the Best Independent Retailer 2022 at the Natural Beauty Awards.  We are bringing a natural beauty offer to you every day from 11th to 15th April and these last until 30th April.
Today we have a fabulous Dr Hauschka offer for you: 

Spend £30 on Dr Hauschka online or mention this post instore to receive a free 30ml facial toner or cleansing milk: 
Shop Dr Hauschka

Why we love Dr Hauschka :
Dr Hauschka is our best selling and one of the original natural beauty brands. Around 16 years ago, I was bought a set of Dr Hauschka products from a local health store. I loved the products and got to know the owners of the shop, I then joined the team as a nutrition practitioner, which led to me eventually creating my own health and natural beauty store in that very place – the first Amaranth store. All thanks to a Dr Hauschka cleansing milk.​​​​​​​​
Along the way I have got to know the Dr Hauschka brand very well and we now have four Dr Hauschka aestheticians across our stores, offering product advice and treatments. Dr Hauschka is more than a skincare brand; it represents a way of life and a philosophy. At the heart of this is rhythm, working with the natural rhythms of the skin during the day and night and the rhythms of nature with biodynamic farming. Dr Hauschka is one of the oldest natural skincare brands, founded in 1967 by a natural medicine doctor and a skincare expert. The range was first launched as Dr Hauschka Healing Skincare and that is certainly how I recommend the range my customers. It is our go to for skin conditions and we have seen impressive results on acne prone skin, rosacea, and sallow skin in particularly. I put this down to the brands roots in natural medicine and healing.​​​​​​​​
Our Dr Hauschka aestheticians love to give advice whatever your skin concerns, please drop us a message and we can arrange a call with you.​​​​​​​​
(Your gift will automatically be added to your order, whilst stocks last. Please note at checkout if you have a preference of gift and we will do our best to send the one requested.)
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