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Bio-Kult are the UK's leading live bacteria supplement manufacturers. Creating innovative products that have been designed to look after gut health for over 25 years, they’re now the go-to brand for those looking to advance their digestive wellbeing in an altogether more natural way. Having meticulously formulated their multi-strain live bacteria supplements, Bio-Kult now also offer a variety of digestive aids formulated to target specific ailments. Rather than being just classic, all-rounder probiotic supplements, they’ve managed to curate a diverse range of alternative nutrition remedies that have been widely praised for their effectiveness. Combining decades of experience in probiotic supplements, they’ve branched out to pinpoint how their live bacteria supplements could provide further support for our health along the way.

From their original multi-strain formulations containing 14 live bacteria strains, to carefully tailored probiotics offering additional vitamin support; their bestselling probiotics and prebiotics offer something for everyone. In refining their live bacteria supplements, Bio-Kult have utilised advanced levels of knowledge surrounding exactly how the microflora in our gut works, as well as the multiple benefits associated with them. When it comes to our digestive health, every ingredient matters. Bio-Kult knows this, and so they’ve perfected the freeze-drying processes involved in concocting such high-quality digestive supplements.