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Therapist: Sue Bowden

About Sue

The human body is amazing and I find it absolutely fascinating!

My bodywork journey started in 1996 initially in massage and aromatherapy but I am now a fully qualified practitioner in Bowen therapy and Emmett Technique. During my career, I have found that no one therapy is 'the magic bullet' that works for everyone all of the time. For this reason, I combine therapies, Bowen & Emmett techniques to address client's needs. It is this approach that has given me the best results for pain relief.

I trained in Bowen through the European College of Bowen Studies which proved to be a huge turning point in my career. Through the holistic approach of Bowen I learnt that the body releases more under GENTLE pressure.  Your body has an innate ability to heal itself but sometimes it just needs a helping hand and I find that there is no need to 'go in heavy' & that the 'gentle approach' can successfully relieve all sorts of pain and discomfort. I am now passionate about relieving pain naturally, if at all possible and am very happy to say that I have helped people avoid surgery using the techniques.

The results that I have seen through the gentle approach of Bowen have made me hungry for further knowledge and skills. My most recent studies include the amazing Emmett Technique which quite honestly has blown me and many of my clients away with its' gentle yet incredible ability to improve conditions. It's just SO exciting.! The more I learn, the more I want to know and I am now officially a self-confessed body nerd!!

I enjoy supporting a wide range of people, from babies through to the elderly and keen amateur sport enthusiasts to county players.  I especially enjoy helping people with mobility problems.  

Treatments Offered & Prices:

Bowen Technique & Emmett Technique 

60 minutes (Initial) £55.00


Bowen & Emmett Technique 

Find out more about Sue and Bowen and Emmett technique on her website   

Sue's Clients Say:

"When I contacted Amaranth in search of a Bowen Therapist I was in such pain that I was unable to climb the stairs normally.  Sue's gentle "hands on" exploration quickly identified an underlying back problem which I was at first in denial about. 

Within twenty four hours of my first treatment I was amazed to find I could walk and climb the stairs normally.  Before my next treatment I kept a daily record of changes, energy levels and pain to help Sue assess my needs and it was during this period I felt twinges in my lower back which reminded me of the previous back injury that Sue had identified!

I had four treatments in all which left me completely pain free.  The therapy involved gentle movements on precise points of the body which I found very relaxing.  Additionally Sue was able to treat and improve other movement and pain issues my aging body was experiencing.  Fantastic result - thanks Sue."    

"I had been suffering from a painful shoulder for about 6 months and had visited my regular osteopath but without success. Two sessions of Bowen with Sue however, cured the problem. It didn't seem as though she did very much but she obviously did something!! What I like about the Bowen Technique is how gentleness of the movements. I found that nothing was aggravated and I suffered no negative after effects at all." Female aged 48

"My eleven year old daughter gets great enjoyment from sport but has had to take breaks of several weeks at a time resting an acutely painful ankle. For two years she suffered this recurring problem. On the recommendation of a friend, I took her to Sue Bowden for Bowen therapy. My daughter was somewhat amused by the treatment initially and found some of the moves quite ticklish. I found Sue's warm approach very reassuring and the environment very calm and relaxing. After three treatments my daughter was completely pain-free and six months after the end of treatment she has not had a recurrence.

While I was willing to give Bowen a try I did not expect to get such lasting results from such a short period of treatment. Thank you so much.

Recently I received a gift voucher for two sessions of Bowen therapy with Sue. I went along to my first appointment, not sure what to expect. For some years, I had suffered with weak wrists which made it difficult to open jars, turn on taps and carry heavy bags of shopping. To be honest I had accepted it as something I just had to live with, but even after the first treatment I could feel an improvement. I had three treatments in total and I can only say that the change to my life is amazing.

In the scheme of things, weak wrists is not a huge problem but when it is put right you realise what a burden it has been. I still find it incredible that the treatment which was so gentle and non-invasive has had such powerful results. Thank you Sue. I could not have asked for a more perfect outcome."