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Wild Nutrition

After working for some of Europe's leading supplement companies to formulate award-winning nutritional solutions for almost a decade, nutritionist Henrietta Norton decided it was about time she did something new with her unique talent. Feeling a bit disillusioned with the ingredients used in supplements, natural supplements brand Wild Nutrition was founded back in 2013.

Sourcing the UK's finest food-grown and botanical supplement ingredients that were easily recognised (and absorbed!) by the body. Since Wild Nutrition came onto the scene, it's made waves amongst the natural supplements industry - winning awards that they continue to rake in today! Their Food-Grown® ingredients mean goodbye to artificially manufactured chemicals, and hello to active, natural ingredients that the body easily recognises. As one of the core realisations that led to the creation of Wild Nutrition, they have been wildly adamant about sticking to their roots - and to yours too... Synthetically-produced vitamins are yet another of those modern inventions our bodies deem as 'alien'. Let's stick to what we know.

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