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Allergies & Hayfever

When allergy season hits us, it's tricky to source the ideal high anti-allergy supplement that gets to the source of allergy symptoms. Each allergy and hayfever remedy we offer at Amaranth has been chosen due to their all-natural ingredients that help to relieve allergy symptoms. Special ingredients within a few of our selected hayfever relief supplements at Amaranth Wellbeing are ideal for soothing itchiness and the body’s immune response.

Chamomile flower found in the Quercetin B5 Plus Complex is a commonly used hayfever remedy, while it can help calm inflammation too. Betaine found in the Betaine HCL with Gentian is another frequently recommended natural hayfever remedy, as healthy digestive enzymes can help restore balance in the gut. This can kickstart the immune response from within. Whichever allergy and hayfever remedy you choose, be wary of side effects and the understanding that many supplements and hayfever relief products do not offer an instant fix. You often have to plan ahead and take supplements and allergy relief in advance of the hayfever season in order for them to reach peak effectiveness.