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    My Dream shop come to life!

    Amaranth is one of my favourite natural health and wellbeing shops to go to in the UK. The range of health brands and natural beauty is incredible and the personalised service I get in there for any health query I have is second to none. It's my one stop shop for everything to do with health and I love how I can speak to a nutritionist to make sure that the products I'm getting are right for me. It's basically my dream shop come to life in Manchester!

    Ailish Lucas. The Glow Getter
    Super Quick Delivery

    Fabulous communication, service and super quick delivery of quality items! Thank You Team Amaranth!

    S Hughes, Manchester
    Personal touch and incredible knowledge

    We were recommended look into Amaranth through a mutual friend and we're so glad we did. The support of such a high end, quality, Health Store is incredible. We particularly appreciate the personal touch and incredible knowledge that Joanne and her staff have not just on Supernova but all products. It's something that you just don't get in large stores or supermarkets . We're so grateful to be working with such a great company and Joanne

    Laura Beckford (Presenter) & Jermaine Beckford (Footballer). SuperNova Brand Owners

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    About Joanne

    About Joanne

    I believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on your health. Which is why I created Amaranth over 8 years ago to give everybody the opportunity to get personalised recommendations for every budget. 

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    Blog posts

    • February 16, 2023 Introducing the SKN-RG Eye Definition treatment
      Introducing the SKN-RG Eye Definition treatment

      I was very excited to try out a course of SKN-RG eye definition treatments by Claire at Cheshire Holistic Facials at Amaranth.  SKN-RG are a highly advanced range of natural, organic and vegan skincare products.  Their philosophy is ‘incredible performance yet free of suspect ingredients’. I don’t believe that there is a skincare range out there that has so many advanced yet natural actives. 

      The eye definition treatment really is unique.  Each treatment is 45 minutes of pure pampering with fantastic results.  After the first treatment, I could see the difference. The dark circles around my eyes were brightened and puffiness reduced. I would definitely recommend this treatment as an one off for a special occasion or after too many late nights (working or partying!).  Maximum benefits will be seen with a  course of treatments – after four treatments I could visibly see a reduction in fine lines and my eyes are so much brighter.   

      Read on to discover more about this treatment and my experience. 

    • January 31, 2023 The Benefits of Vitamin D
      The Benefits of Vitamin D

      Vitamin D is essential to our health. Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin as we synthesise and absorb this vitamin from sunlight on the skin. Vitamin D is also available in very small amounts in eggs and oily fish but it is very difficult to get all of the vitamin D we need through food.  Given that sunshine is very limited in the UK, particularly between September and April, Vitamin D supplementation is essential to get the required levels. NHS England recommend that everyone (including pregnant and breast feeding women) should take a Vitamin D supplement from the end of September to early April as the benefits of Vitamin D are many!

      If you are considering Vitamin D supplements, you may well be confused – how much should you be taking and how do you choose between capsules and liquids, D2 or D3?  In this blog our Nutritional Therapist Joanne Hill, explains more about the forms and dosages available to help you choose.  You can also book a free one to one health review or give us a call and we can make a personalised recommendation for you.

    • October 25, 2022 Do I need to take Supplements for Menopause?
      Do I need to take Supplements for Menopause?

      Talk of peri menopause and menopause seems to be everywhere at the moment. It is fabulous that the subject is getting the attention it deserves and women are finally getting some help and understanding, like anything though, the more information that is available, the more confusing it can be.

      There has been a dramatic rise in supplements that are marketed for menopause and many of these come with claims that they will improve energy, reduce anxiety, cure joint pain and much more (as an aside, such claims are often misleading and illegal but that’s another story).  I can pretty much guarantee that everyone you speak to will be giving you advice as to what has worked for them and what you need.  So what is the truth?  Do you need supplements and if so, which?

      In our latest blog, our Nutritional Therapist Joanne Hill tells you everything you need to know about supplements and the menopause.

    • August 17, 2022 The Best Natural Remedies for Hot Flushes
      The Best Natural Remedies for Hot Flushes

      If you suffer with hot flushes you will know that they can have a big impact on sleep patterns and quality of life. Despite being one of the most common symptoms of menopause, it is a little unknown what exactly causes them, but there is a connection between the decline in oestrogen and the area of the brain that controls temperature regulation.

      The team of nutritional therapists at Amaranth have been supporting women through the menopause transition for over 10 years. Here we bring you their tried and tested recommendations and best natural remedies for hot flushes :