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    Our Lives can be stressful. Our Health shouldn't be

    At Amaranth, our nutritional therapists,natural beauty experts and holistic health practitioners can give personalised advice that is right for you, your budget and wellbeing. So you can forget the overwhelm and feel content with your health.


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    My Dream shop come to life!

    Amaranth is one of my favourite natural health and wellbeing shops to go to in the UK. The range of health brands and natural beauty is incredible and the personalised service I get in there for any health query I have is second to none. It's my one stop shop for everything to do with health and I love how I can speak to a nutritionist to make sure that the products I'm getting are right for me. It's basically my dream shop come to life in Manchester!

    Ailish Lucas. The Glow Getter
    Super Quick Delivery

    Fabulous communication, service and super quick delivery of quality items! Thank You Team Amaranth!

    S Hughes, Manchester
    Personal touch and incredible knowledge

    We were recommended look into Amaranth through a mutual friend and we're so glad we did. The support of such a high end, quality, Health Store is incredible. We particularly appreciate the personal touch and incredible knowledge that Joanne and her staff have not just on Supernova but all products. It's something that you just don't get in large stores or supermarkets . We're so grateful to be working with such a great company and Joanne

    Laura Beckford (Presenter) & Jermaine Beckford (Footballer). SuperNova Brand Owners

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    About Joanne

    About Joanne

    I believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on your health. Which is why I created Amaranth over 8 years ago to give everybody the opportunity to get personalised recommendations for every budget. 

    Read more about Joanne >

    Blog posts

    • May 29, 2021 Dr Hauschka One Hour to Myself Treatment Review
      Dr Hauschka One Hour to Myself Treatment Review

      With a little bit of downtime amidst a busy week, I booked myself the ultimate treat, the Dr Hauschka One Hour to Myself facial treatment.

      I absolutely love Dr Hauschka products and prior to lockdown would treat myself to a monthly facial. With treatment rooms being closed for so long, my skin is looking a little grey and sallow and certainly in need of a boost.  Dr Hauschka treatments are very holistic so the benefits are much deeper than just the visible skin results, this facial induces a deep state of relaxation and allows the body and mind to slow down and repair.  Much needed after the stresses of the last twelve months.

    • May 26, 2021 Ingredients You Don't Want In Your Skincare & Makeup
      Ingredients You Don't Want In Your Skincare & Makeup

      Natural Beauty to us means skincare and cosmetic products that are produced without the use of synthetic ingredients, harsh chemicals and preservatives and potentially dangerous additives.

      That all sounds straightforward but understanding natural beauty products really is a minefield and clever marketing can make you believe you are buying natural when this is far from the truth.  

      We have pulled together this guide so that you can take a look at your skincare and makeup to discover whether the products you thought were natural really are.

    • May 14, 2021 Did you watch Davina's Menopause Programme? What did you think?
      Did you watch Davina's Menopause Programme?  What did you think?

      What did you think about Davina's Menopause programme?

      That has been a question I have been asked many times over the last few days as many of you have been interested in my thoughts and opinions.  So read on in my latest blog to find out.

    • April 21, 2021 Our Five Favourite Teas
      Our Five Favourite Teas

      It’s national tea day and there is no doubt that tea is something to be celebrated.  I love starting my day with a good old English Breakfast and a bit of time to myself to ponder and plan the day ahead. The rest of the day is then dedicated to herbal teas of various types to suit my mood.

      There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of types of tea out there, all with different properties.  We have picked our favourite five herbs and blends to tell you more: