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Therapist: Tricia Ward BSc (Jt Hons), dipCNM, mANP

About Tricia

With the intention of identifying and addressing the root cause of symptoms and helping to support the inter-related systems of the body which can drive those symptoms, as a qualified Nutritional Therapist my objective is to optimise the health of the body and mind as a whole to achieve your objectives at your pace We approach this via the application of current nutritional, scientific evidence and my practical clinic experience, which enables me to prepare a personalised and holistic nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle plan, along with providing education to empower you and nurture your health.  This should help to ease the original symptoms, bring the body back in to balance and   may resolve symptoms completely. 
Nutritional Therapy is not simply about ‘diets’ and ‘weight loss plans’ and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Everybody is unique, with their health being influenced by both genetics and individual circumstances.  As such every consultation is tailored to you.    I am trained in and have had clinical success at addressing digestive and joint issues, optimising sporting performance or recovery, managing immune system conditions, supporting hormonal issues such as the menopause, fertility or stress, and concerns such as skin issues, allergies, fatigue, infant nutrition and behaviour.  
My journey into Nutrition began 15 years ago where I was experiencing ongoing digestive issues, trying to optimise my sporting performance, and working in a very busy job in the investment markets.   I wanted to take control over my own health and, as I understood more about the science, my interest became a passion, and I also began to gently support the health and recovery of colleagues, friends and family through nutrition.
I studied for 3 years with The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) to achieve a Distinction in Naturopathic Nutrition.  My passion for the development and application of nutritional science is fulfilled through continued research, participation in industry training courses and workshops and also by supervising the development of current nutritional therapy students in a clinical setting. 
I offer themed workshops to gyms, local community and corporates and particularly enjoy joining the dots of the interconnected, complex systems and pathways in the body to assess how well they are functioning - rarely is an individual symptom isolated.  I also use various functional tests which may provide more specific insight in to nutritional insufficiencies or systemic imbalances affecting your health, if that is appropriate in your case, which then enable us to refine your holistic, nutritional plan.

Whilst I work to support both acute and chronic conditions, I'm able to work alongside conventional medicine practitioners, but not replace them.

Services Offered:

Nutritional Consultation

60 minutes (Initial) £90.00
45 minutes (Follow up) £70.00