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Our skilled team of massage therapists offer a variety of massage techniques at our Bramhall health and wellbeing treatment centre.

Back massage being given in Bramhall

Swedish Massage in Bramhall 

Meet your Therapist: Our Swedish Massage therapists is Jane Dagnanleach based in Bramhall.

This is a more rigorous massage than the Aromatherapy Massage. Designed to disperse physical tension from the body, it can help loosen tight muscles and reduce stiffness. It's a technique used most commonly in our de-stress back and shoulder massage. We ALL need some of this!. 

  • 60 minutes £58.00
  • 90 minutes £75.00

Pregnancy Massage in Bramhall

Designed especially to support you before and after birth. Uses techniques tailored to your individual needs and to the symptoms associated with pregnancy. You will be nurtured and feel so comfortable on our specialist electric massage bed. Cushions are positioned carefully to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The therapists are highly trained to know exactly what oils you can be used in pregnancy and can give you tips and advice for remedies you can use during the birth too.
  • 60 minutes £55.00
  • 75 minutes £75.00

Hot Stone Massage in Bramhall

Meet your Therapist: Our Hot Stone Massage Therapist is Gemma Shilliday in Bramhall

Involves gentle massaging with softly rounded, water heated basalt stones which provide a deep and comforting massage, with little pressure. The direct heat aids the relaxation of muscles allowing easier manipulation of a greater intensity than a regular massage. It's just heaven! I would seriously recommend you opt for a 85min slot for this one then the therapist gets chance to cover every part of your body for the ultimate massage experience - one of my favourites.

  • 60 minutes £55.00
  • 90 minutes £75.00

Deep Tissue Massage in Bramhall

Meet your Therapist: Our Deep Tissue Massage Therapist is Natasha Watts in Bramhall

Unlike classic massage therapy which is generally used for relaxation, Deep Tissue Massage enables the therapist to focus on and treat specific problems. There will be some areas of discomfort but you should feel immediate relief in these areas and increased mobility following the session. If you do feel achy or a little sore when the treatment has finished, this will usually go within 48 hours. You will need to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and to help flush away released toxins.The session is tailored to the individual and can include other modalities including Reflexology and Reiki. Aromatherapy oils can be skilfully blended to enhance the treatment if required. Perfect for those who require deep massage combined with a therapeutic approach.

  • 60 minutes £58.00
  • 90 minutes £75.00

Sports Massage in Bramhall

Meet your Therapist: Our Sports Massage Therapist is Natasha Watts in Bramhall

Sports massage is a form of massage that works both as a preventative therapy or to aid recovery from workouts and/or injury.  As a preventive therapy, sports massage can help to prepare the body for athletic activity and to maintain optimal condition.  The techniques can also be used to improve muscle tone, balance and range of motion.  Sports massage is also effective for relieving tension and muscle pain, and to correct imbalances from repetitive and strenuous activity or trauma.

  • 60 minutes £58.00



Please note: For your first appointment for some of our treatments, there is a minimum of 45 minutes required to allow for a full consultation. 

Click here to book now or call on 0161 439 9856 or email us Instagram:@Amaranth_UK

Please understand that our therapists are not doctors and do not engage in medical diagnosis.  Always consult your GP if you have a particular illness.   

Cancellation Policy:  Please remember to give us 24 hours notice for a cancellation.  Unfortunately we have had to apply a 50% charge to appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

All treatments are tailored to your own personal specific needs. Choose the massage to suit you...