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INIKA Organics

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(excludes skincare and tanning mist)

Inika Organics are a solid favourite here at Amaranth - our number 1 selling makeup brand, and a well known eco beauty name! As a unique company that are switching up the way we do natural makeup, we've been in love with their selection of eco beauty pigments, eyeshadow shades and looks that can be created from such an honest,  natural makeup brand. 100% Australian owned and founded in 2006, they've come far in convincing beauty lovers around the globe to rethink their makeup habits and be kinder on the skin.

Using only certified and organic vegan ingredients in their makeup, Inika Organics know how to strike the perfect balance between natural eco beauty and sustainability.  Try Inika Organics from Amaranth Wellbeing and take that step you've been thinking about! Kinder on the skin, and to the earth.

INIKA have recently rebranded with new packaging and so we can bring you perfect INIKA products with the old packaging at 30% off. 



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