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10 Supplements For Immune Health

10 Supplements For Immune Health

As selected by our registered Nutritional Therapy team
10% off Selected Vitamin D Supplements

10% off Selected Vitamin D Supplements

15% off Holiday Essentials

15% off Holiday Essentials

The summer holidays are almost here. This year you can travel happy with 15% off holiday essentials, specifically chosen by our nutritional therapists.  
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1. Viridian Vitamin B1.  Research has shown that Vitamin B1 works as a natural insect repellent. Taken at a dosage of 200mg before and during your holidays, B1 gives off an odour to the skin that is undetectable by humans but acts as a natural insect repellent.

2. Viridian Travel Biotic.  Travel brings exposure to new bugs and bacteria.  Travel Biotic has been specifically formulated with good bacteria to protect against the holiday tummy.

3. Viridian L'Theanine and Lemon Balm. It is normal to feel anxious about holidays, this may be due to travel or just being away from home

4. Cytoplan Liver Support.  Holidays usually involve a little more food and drink that usual.  Love your liver and it will thank you.

5. Viridian Electrolyte fix.  We can loose vital minerals when we get hot in the sun and you will need more if you are enjoying that extra cocktail or two, or if you do get the holiday tummy.  This handy bottle of electrolytes can have you back up and raring to go

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15% Off Our Best Selling Natural Beauty Brands - Amaranth

15% Off Our Best Selling Natural Beauty Brands

We won!  Amaranth are the Best Independent Natural Beauty Retailer 2022.

To celebrate we have 15% off all of best selling natural beauty brands until the end of March 2022.  Stock up now on your favourites from Dr Hauschka, SKIN-RG and Evolve Beauty.   Use code RETAILAWARDS22 at checkout.

15% off Vegan Collagen Products

15% off Vegan Collagen Products

Can collagen be vegan?  
Yes, no, maybe.... Let me try and explain.
Collagen is a structural protein found in connective tissue, skin, tendons, bones, and cartilage of the human body and animals.  It is the most abundant structural protein in the body but as you age your collagen production naturally declines and collagen becomes fragmented.  This contributes to signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dry, sagging skin and  reductions in bone strength.  Over recent years, collagen supplementation has become popular to boost collagen levels in the body and support structural strength.

Strictly speaking, collagen comes from animal or fish source.  Collagen supplements are the structural proteins from these sources that have been hydrolysed and made into a fine powder.  Up until now, vegan collagen products have been 'collagen builders' a set of amino acids to encourage your body to make collagen.
We can however now introduce 'Vollagen'  Vollagen is a vegan product with the identical amino acid profile of human collagen.  Using a unique specific method of fermentation desired ratio and blend of amino acids can be created as opposed to simply combining individual amino acids which exhibit very low solubility.  Vollagen supplements have been found to have the benefits of animal collagen products but you can be assured that it is free from contamination, ethically and sustainably used.

To celebrate the introduction of Vollagen products to the Amaranth range we are offering 15% off during April
20 Under £25

20 Under £25

Our top 20 natural beauty and wellbeing products, all under £25.

20% Off Viridian Organic Range for Organic September

30 Best Selling Beauty Buys

30 Best Selling Beauty Buys

Tried and tested by you and our Amaranth Natural Beauty Esteticians
4 Looking for gift inspiration?

4 Looking for gift inspiration?

Absolute Aromas

Absolute Aromas have been providing Aromatherapists, spas, and homes alike with their diverse range of fragrant essential oils since 1994. One of our favourite essential oil brands, their commitment to ethically sourcing oils for each individual blend they so skilfully combine is a trait we love.

Their exclusive aromatherapy oil blends and diffusers are of therapeutic grade quality, while they also branch out into certified organic essential oils for those that seek an eco friendly home or business. Since the philosophies behind Absolute Aromas are so in sync with our own at Amaranth Wellbeing, we’re pleased to stock their aromatherapy oils in both our Manchester city centre and Bramhall stores, as well as online. From refreshing citrus oils, to atmospheric room sprays that can completely alter your environment, Absolute Aromas harness the power of aromatherapy in letting you choose the mood.

Each aromatherapy oil blend is designed to perfectly harmonise with their carrier oils, each of which suit varying purposes, such as the Jojoba oil so specifically designed to soothe aches and pains, to the lightweight coconut carrier oil that enhances the absorbency of your chosen aromatherapy oil blends. Find your favourite Absolute Aromas combination with us.



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All Is Calm

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All Is Well

Get 20% off when you buy this bundle together! Add both products to cart and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

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Allergies & Hayfever

Offer: Get15% our recommended hayfever products

When allergy season hits us, it's tricky to source the ideal high anti-allergy supplement that gets to the source of allergy symptoms. Each allergy and hayfever remedy we offer at Amaranth has been chosen due to their all-natural ingredients that help to relieve allergy symptoms. Special ingredients within a few of our selected hayfever relief supplements at Amaranth Wellbeing are ideal for soothing itchiness and the body’s immune response.

Chamomile flower found in the Quercetin B5 Plus Complex is a commonly used hayfever remedy, while it can help calm inflammation too. Betaine found in the Betaine HCL with Gentian is another frequently recommended natural hayfever remedy, as healthy digestive enzymes can help restore balance in the gut. This can kickstart the immune response from within. Whichever allergy and hayfever remedy you choose, be wary of side effects and the understanding that many supplements and hayfever relief products do not offer an instant fix. You often have to plan ahead and take supplements and allergy relief in advance of the hayfever season in order for them to reach peak effectiveness.


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