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Digestive Health Testing Packages

Bloating, reflux, changeable bowel habits, wind, digestive pains, anxiety, depression, low immunity and skin issues can all be signs of an imbalance in the digestive system. You may feel that you have tried various over the counter or prescription medications but are not getting anywhere, or you may have been given a diagnosis of IBS with limited treatment options.

Comprehensive stool tests are very useful when searching for answers for long-term problems of the digestive tract. The tests provide information about digestive capacity, bacterial imbalance, yeast/virus overgrowth, parasite infection, inflammation, any blood in blood and immune function.  Armed with this information, a Nutritional Therapist can help you with a bespoke, personalised plan

Good digestion relies heavily on proper levels of stomach acid and digestive enzymes from the pancreas. Levels of these can be lowered by stress and lack of key nutrients. If you don’t digest your food well, it is also more difficult to then absorb the nutrition from it. Undigested food also acts as a trigger for the immune system and leads to inflammation of the digestive tract and can lead to food intolerances creating even more health issues. Poor absorption can be further exasperated by the overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine which compromises the health of the small intestine. You can eat the best diet but if you aren’t absorbing it, you won’t feel the benefits.   

A detailed stool test will also look for the presence of different strains of beneficial bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeasts in the bowel. Not enough good bacteria and too much pathogenic bacteria/yeasts can compromise our body’s ability to detoxify, affect our metabolism, cause pain/bloating, unhealthy bowel movements, alter our immune system and even change the chemistry of your nervous system. Parasites also if left untreated can hinder efforts to heal the digestive tract. Many digestion problems such as gas, bloating and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can be traced back to gut microbe balance or digestive capacity. Digestive disturbance can also result in widespread symptoms beyond the gut such as skin conditions, hormone imbalance, fatigue brain fog, headaches to name of few.  

What Does Digestive Health Testing Involve?

We offer a range of digestive health tests.  To find out more please contact us or email and a Nutritional Therapist will contact you to explain the options. 


Complete Digestive Health Screen : £469

Includes :

  • Invivo GI EcologiX Stool Analysis
  • A 60-minute Nutrition, lifestyle, supplement consultation to discuss results and get a bespoke plan

 More information will be updated on this page soon.  Please check back in or Contact Us for more information.