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Royal Exchange Treatments

Nutritional Therapy, Food Intolerance and Diagnostic Testing

Our team of top BANT nutritional therapists work with a scientific and holistic approach to your health. During a consultation they will discuss any health issues that you would like to improve and explore how diet may be contributing to the symptoms that you are experiencing. Where appropriate nutritional supplements may be used to support the healing process.

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During a treatment the reflex zones of the feet are manipulated in order to restore the balance and health to the body. Reflexology works with the meridian lines that acupuncture uses. Each part of the foot corresponds to a part of the body.

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NEOM Wellness Treatments

Masterminded by the NEOM team of 12 wellbeing experts, these NEOM Wellness treatments draw together the most effective of 6 therapies- meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology. NEOM Wellbeing Treatments have been created to provide true therapeutic wellbeing benefits. Choose from one of four unique treatments - Sleep, De-Stress, Energise or Happiness. Enjoy 60 or 90 minutes of organic luxury.

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Oils are blended according to your individual needs and have therapeutic benefits along with the sensory experience.

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SKN-RG Holistic Treatments

These incredible treatments use the unique SKN-RG skincare products. Organic, Vegan and sustainable, SKN-RG combine ancient Buddhist arts and the latest cutting-edge clinically proven actives, powered by Quanta® Technology.

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Organic, Cruelty free Makeovers

Our very talented makeup artist Lauren has a passion for organic, cruelty free makeup and whatever look you desire Lauren will be able to achieve it whilst giving you some hints and tips.

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