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Therapist: Joanne Hill

About Joanne

After working for over seven years in a stressful job as a Management Consultant in London, I took a career break to start a family. Like many women, however, I found this was not as easy as expected. At this time I decided to take my health into my own hands and started to research female health and fertility. With the support and advice of a Nutritional Therapist, I slowly moved away from my fast paced lifestyle and began to focus more on my diet. I started to enjoy food and took the time to enjoy cooking and eating.

Following these lifestyle changes, I went on to have two children. After the birth of my second son, I completed a three year Nutritional Therapy diploma with The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). This course is recognised by The British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT), as such I am fully registered as a BANT practitioner.

I have a particular interest in female health including hormonal conditions and fertility. I have contributed to the highly successful book by Marina Nicola - Three Steps to Fertility. I also complete regular training courses and workshops on female health.

I have trained and practiced in all other areas of Nutritional Therapy including digestion, stress, allergies, skin conditions, sports nutrition and immune disorders.

I like to take an integrated approach to the well being of my patients and as such I am able to work alongside doctors and consultants in conventional medicine.

Services Offered:

Nutritional Consultation

60 minutes (Initial) £75.00
45 minutes (Follow Up) £56.00

Food Intolerance 

90 minutes £110.00

Vitamin D Testing 

20 minutes £45.00 


Female Health-Hormonal Conditions

Joanne's Clients Say:

"Jo was recommended to me to examine the nutritional, diet and lifestyle consequences of issues I had with hypertension and weight gain. I found Jo to be very knowledgeable, interested and helpful. She takes a holistic approach and is genuinely interested in helping her patients achieve their goals and address their concerns. The supplements recommended by Jo were fantastic and I am still taking them – the excellent results achieved have been verified by blood tests which show improvements in health markers which have been brought into acceptable ranges. Jo also provides ongoing motivation which is very supportive when you are changing your diet".
JB, London


"I have been a client of Joanne's for the past two years and have been impressed by her extensive knowledge of all aspects of nutrition. Her advice is practical, clear and straightforward and I now understand much more about how nutrition impacts on my health and well being. Joanne suggested supplements to assist with my arthritis and worked with me on an eating plan to help weight loss. By following her advice I am lighter, healthier and my joints are much less painful".
RC, Stockport.


"Jo gave helpful and easy to understand advice. I especially appreciated the suggested recipes, meals, books and picnic ideas that were suitable for me and the whole family. We are definitely thinking about food in a different way now."
BC, Stockport