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Bath and Massage Oil: Mobility

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We know how much sore muscles, stiffness and over-exertion can really put a strain on our physical and our mental health. Luckily, Absolute Aromas have spent years coming up with the ideal blend of aromatherapy massage oils to try. This aromatherapy massage oil is centred on enhancing mobility, skilfully designed to utilise the benefits of aromatherapy in everyday life.

The mobility aromatherapy massage oil has pulled together years of experience in developing essential oil solutions for those who need them most. With a warming sensation evoked by peppermint, ginger, and eucalyptus essential oils formulated to invigorate the muscles and promote healthy circulation, this aromatherapy massage oil is a favourite amongst those who experience day-to-day muscle, mobility and joint pain. Whether your aches and pains are caused by age or sports activities and an active lifestyle, this relieving mixture of soothing carrier oils and aromatherapy goodness is an all-natural remedy that can help. The mobility aromatherapy massage oil has taken the renewing properties of plants, and cleverly stored them in this unassuming yet potent bottle of fragrant sensation.



Essential Oils: Spruce, Basil, Camphor, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Marjoram, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Fennel, Ginger, Birch. Carrier Oils: Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose, Jojoba. Also Contains: Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Spruce and basil are intertwined with notes of camphor and marjoram, building up an effective blend of refreshing scents that energise and mobilise. Eucalyptus, spruce, and peppermint are evergreen-esque plants known for their congestion relieving properties. Their refreshing presence can help provide relief from minor respiratory issues, as well as having antiseptic and immune system restoring benefits.

How to Use

Body Oil: After showering or bathing, massage into the skin to melt away every day aches & pains. The blend absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a silky feel and no oily residue. Bath: Add 3 capfuls to warm running water for a bath time treat. Hair: Massage 1 tablespoon into the scalp & hair to stimulate circulation. Aim to leave in the hair for at least half an hour, before washing out thoroughly with a mild shampoo.