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Absolute Aromas

De-Stress Himalayan Bath Salts

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When finding the right anxiety therapy for you, holistic health options can be overlooked. But the sensual experience of simply taking that time for yourself, indulging in some aromatherapy self-care, can really make an impact after a particularly hard day.

When considering which natural anxiety therapy products to go with, there are plenty of choices. The core brands that have remained at the forefront of the alternative and holistic health crowd for decades are the ones that have managed to perfect their formulas over time. Absolute Aromas have perfected their holistic anxiety therapy products for decades. These De-Stress Himalayan Bath Salts are ideal for a mid-week soak in the bath. There’s little else that makes us feel as stress-free as a luxuriously prepared soak before bed. Whether you prefer essential oils or bath salts is up to you; they both have notable amounts of potential when it comes to relaxing after a hard day. Treat yourself to natural, alternative anxiety therapy formulas that can transform your day with little effort.



Himalayan Salt. Essential Oils: Benzoin, Bergamot FCF, Chamomile Roman, Frankincense, Lavender French, Lemon, Orange Sweet, Rose Absolute, Clove Bud, Ylang Ylang Extra, Cedarwood Himalayan, Jasmine Absolute, Amyris.


How to Use

Bath: Pour a capful under warm running water and gently swirl the water until totally dissolved.