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Daily Multi Vitamin

Product Size:
30 Capsules
Refill Pouch - 30 Capsules
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Balanced Daily Multi is an expert blend of 42 vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your health. This daily formula offers a simple way to enhance your dietary intake of essential nutrients for optimal wellbeing. The Balanced Daily Multi is vegan, free from excipients, GMO, gluten, lactose and sugar.

Nutritional Information

Per Capsule: Vitamin C 100mg, Vitamin E 36mg, Calcium 34mg, Vitamin B2 33mg, Pantothenic Acid 33.3mg, Vitamin B3 33mg, Vitamin B6 28mg, Thiamine 26mg, Magnesium 13mg, Zinc 2.5mg, Iron 1.3mg, Vitamin A 417mcg, Manganese 333mcg, Folic Acid 133mcg, Copper 100mcg, Iodine 83mcg, Biotin 33mcg, Vitamin B12 33mcg, Chromium 13mcg, Vitamin D3 3.3mcg, Vitamin K2 3.3mcg.


Vegetable Cellulose (HPMC) Capsule Shell, Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate), Calcium Carbonate, Calcium (Di-Calcium Phosphate), Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate), Choline Bitartrate, Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide), Inositol (Myo-inositol), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL), Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Gluconate, PABA (Para-Aminobenoic Acid), Citrus Bioflavonoids, Selenium, Iron (Ferrous Gluconate), Betaine HCL, L-Glutamic Acid, Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa), Rutin, Vitamin A (Acetate), Kelp, Hespirin, Glucomannan (Konjac), SOYA Lecithin, Manganese Gluconate, Potassium Citrate, Bromelain, Papain (SULPHITES), Vitamin D3 (Vitamin D3 Oil: Lichen Extract, Fractionated Coconut, D-Alpha Tocopherol), Copper Gluconate, Vitamin K2 (MK7), Boron (Sodium Borate), Horsetail Extract, Folic Acid, Iodine (Potassium Iodide), Chromium Picolinate, Molybdenum (Ammonium Molybdate), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), Biotin.

How to Use

Take 1-2 capsules with food, or as prescribed by a healthcare professional.