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For Busy and Stressful Lives

Stress can be one of the biggest factors impacting men's health.  Stress can affect mood, sleep, cardiovascular health and digestive function.  Lifestyle approaches are essential for stress management but selected supplements can also help to reduce the impact of stress on the body.

For Men's Health Month, our nutritional therapists have picked their top supplement recommendations for male health.  As always, you can be guaranteed that the supplements we choose are clean, free from unnecessary additives and are of a form and dosage that will work.

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Here are our picks for stress and busy lives :

Source of Life Garden Men's Once a Day Multi.  This is a comprehensive multi vitamin including all your daily vitamin needs and fruit and vegetable extracts. It will provide extract antioxidants which are essential for health protection when you are under stress, along with B vitamins for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Supernova Man 02.  Our favourite protein and herbal blend.  Alongside protein, this magic formula contains ashwagandha, a herbal adaptogen to balance the nervous system and support the adrenals in times of stress and maca, known for stamina and energy.

Viridian High Potency Magnesium.  Magnesium is now as the anti stress mineral and it is helpful for mood and sleep. This formula by Viridian contains a whole 300mg in one capsule