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Natural Ways to Manage PMS Symptoms

Natural Ways to Manage PMS Symptoms

Do you struggle with managing your emotions in the weeks before your period?

Around 25% of women of reproductive age suffer with Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which can be extremely distressing and affect the quality of life for the days preceding and during menstruation. The syndrome is characterised by feelings of irritation, tension, and low mood. You might wake up in a great mood but find yourself becoming angry and anxious an hour or two later for no reason.

These symptoms occur during the luteal phase, which is the week or so running up to menstruation. In this period serotonin levels drop, while progesterone and oestrogen rise, if pregnancy does not occur menstruation is triggered by a drop in these hormones.

Amaranth Nutritional Therapist, Sophie Beddard, explains how you can help to manage these hormone fluctuations and PMS symptoms with a nutrition and lifestyle approach. 


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