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Introducing the SKN-RG Eye Definition treatment

Introducing the SKN-RG Eye Definition treatment

I am so excited about this new eye treatment. Having just finished a course of four treatments, I couldn’t be happier to shout about it.

I would say that my eyes are my ‘problem area’.  Despite a good diet, plenty of water and some brilliant natural eye products, the area round my eyes can still look grey and puffy.   This certainly isn’t helped by too much time looking at a screen, maybe not enough sleep and possibly some genetics,  My advancing years and declining hormones have also added just a few ‘laughter lines’ (wrinkles). I am passionate about natural, organic beauty products and very happy to look my age, but give me the opportunity to look brighter and reduce some of those lines and I’m there.

I was very excited therefore, to try out a course of SKN-RG eye definition treatments by Claire from Cheshire Holistic Facials at Amaranth.  SKN-RG are a highly advanced range of natural, organic and vegan skincare products.  Their philosophy is ‘incredible performance yet free of suspect ingredients’. I don’t believe that there is a skincare range out there that has so many advanced yet natural, actives. 

So, onto the treatment. The SKN-RG eye definition treatment really is unique.  Each treatment is 45 minutes of pure pampering with fantastic results.

The treatment starts with a cooling facial cleanse and gentle exfoliation of the eye area. Warm compresses are then applied to remove products and prepare the area for the following steps. Gentle pressure is applied to the eye socket using warm mitts in circular motions, encouraging collagen stimulation and oxygenation.

A waterless eye mask is then applied to the outer eye area, using powerful ingredients like plankton to reduce wrinkle depth and help firm the delicate skin. Furthermore, whilst the mask works, reiki magic is allowed to flow freely to enhance the relaxation experience (Claire is an incredible reiki practitioner, it is so relaxing and I find myself drifting off).

Finally the treatment moves onto to the rose quartz wands which are used with the SKN-RG Phoenix C eye serum. This product is clinically proven in delivering results faster than traditional anti ageing actives such as vitamin A (retinol). The stimulation of blood flow is encouraged through gentle rhythmical sequences, followed by the introduction of specific pressure points to help reduce puffiness.

After 45 minutes, it is sadly time to leave my deep relaxation but I am delighted by the results.  After the first treatment, I can see the difference. The dark circles around my eyes are brightened and puffiness reduced. I would definitely recommend this treatment as an one off for a special occasion or after too many late nights (working or partying!).  Maximum benefits will be seen with a  course of treatments – after four treatments I could visibly see a reduction in fine lines and my eyes are so much brighter.  

Photos showing the results before and after four treatments

There is an option for after care using the SKN-RG phoenix eye serum so I am keen to invest in this. The key ingredient is actually Amaranth seed so another reason that it is a must for me!  I also plan to keep up the treatments with an appointment with Claire every couple of weeks.  At £39 per treatment, this is such good value for brilliant results (and no yukky chemicals or injections!)

 Special Offer

As launch to this special treatment Claire has a brilliant offer – 25% off a course of four treatments in the treatment rooms at Amaranth in Bramhall.  Just £117 for four treatments (instead of £156).

You can book the course by calling Amaranth 0161 439 9856 or online here *

*Please note that the course must be paid in advance and is non refundable.